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Senior Profiles

2 Will Scott.jpg

Will Scott, wants to continue designing clothes, including his own brand. Favorite sport is basketball. Favorite team is Golden State. Favorite movies The Transformers. 

2 Owen Strouse.jpg

Owen Strouse plans to study at college. 

Favorite actor is Kevin Bacon. Favorite sport is football. Weekend with no plans? Hunting & fishing with friends. Favorite team is Pittsburgh Steelers.  

2 Maliki Chambers.jpg

Maliki Chambers wants to be an entrepreneur. Favorite sport is football. Favorite team is Golden State Warriors. Favorite food is chicken alfredo.

2 Kenny Johnson.jpg

Kenny Johnson will play football & study at Pittsburgh. Favorite school subject is science. Favorite teacher is Ms. Gaynor. Hobbies, was wrestling but "that's like a fulltime job"

2 Connor Barto.jpg

Connor Barto will play baseball & study at Shippensburg. Favorite actor is Adam Sandler. Favorite athlete is Andrew McCutchen. Favorite food is any kind of chicken. 

2 DJ Smith.jpg

DJ Smith is going to a college to be determined. Favorite athlete is Stephen Curry. Favorite subject in school is math. Favorite food is spaghetti. 

2 Jonah Stefko.jpg

Jonah Stefko plans to go to a 2-year school. Favorite food is steak. Favorite sport is basketball. Favorite team is Baltimore Ravens. Weekend with nothing to do, "just work"

Note - Unanimously selected by his fellow seniors as the craziest (in a great way) teammate - Kenny Johnson.

              The seniors describe coach Grassel 

"He's a good coach. He dedicates us to give 100%. He wants us to be grown men" - Will Scott

"He's nice. He's welcoming." - Jonah Stefko

"He's a good coach and leader He's motivated and pushes the team to become better and better." - Chris Sibole

"I think he is really passionate about basketball. He puts in the work to put us in the right spot every day, every practice." - Connor Barto

"He's a loving guy. He's one of those dudes you can feel the love and it is genuine. He doesn't BS you. I love coach Grassel.' - Kenny Johnson

"He's very caring. But when we are in the gym and the doors are locked he is a different type of guy. He might get after you, but he's going to still tell you he loves your after," - Owen Strouse

"He's a good coach. He's on us all the time. He's a very positive coach and he knows what he is talking about," DJ Smith

"He's very intense. He's a good coach thought. He makes sure everybody gets things done." - Maliki Chambers

1 Ainsley Ellis.jpg
1 Maggie Groh.jpg
1 Hailey Jamison.jpg
1 McKenna Kelley.jpg
1 Abby Zeigler.jpg

Ainsley Ellis going to York College for Special Education. Favorite food is pasta, any pasta. Favorite subject is Spanish. "It just seems like yesterday I was a freshman. I try to remind the freshmen how fast it really does go." 

Maggie Groh will play soccer at University of Delaware, major in exercise science. Favorite subject is Spanish or anatomy. Free weekend, she would probably relax, sleep in and see friends.

Hailey Jamison heading to either Lock Haven or Duquesne to be a PA & possibly play soccer. Favorite food is sushi or spagheti & meatballs. Favorite sport, depends on the season. Favorite team is Duke basketball. 

McKenna Kelley going to college to try to major in pediatric nursing - and soccer. Favorite sport I can't choose between both. Favorite subject is history for sure. Favorite teacher is Mr. Gould. Spend a weekend with friends and family.

Abby Zeigler plans to go to college and study business. Favorite subject is math. Favorite team is North Carolina basketball. Free weekend? I am going to be sleeping for a lot of it. "It has happened so fast. I'm surprised. I can't believe I am a senior. 

Note - The entire sophomore class was nominated for the funniest teammate, with Christal Rodriguez leading the way. Although Harper Poff and freshman Sade Barnett-Jefferson were mentioned. 

                         The seniors describe coach Rexroth

"He's very intense. He wants us to succeed and he dedicates a lot of time to the program." - Ainsley Ellis.

"He's really intense at first. But once you get to know him and once you start playing with him you realize he just wants the best for you." - McKenna Kelley.

"He's definitely a great coach. He just has so much passion for the sport and our team. He puts in so much work off the court." - Maggie Groh

"He cares a lot about our team. Sometimes it can be hard to notice the way he is pushing us is because he cares & wants to win. He coached my dad and older sister." - Haley Jamison.

"He's a very intense coach and I think he wants the best for all of us. He emphasizes defense, which is great for us. He loves our team." - Abby Zeigler

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