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 Basketball Season Just Around The Corner



To participate in a sport at Dallastown Area Middle/High School, the following requirements must be met prior to eligibility:

  1. Physical:    A sports physical must be completed by a Licensed Physician, PAC, or CRNP on the proper PIAA paperwork.  This physical MUST BE dated June 1 of the current school year or after to be valid for the current school year.  The most current PIAA FORM can be found in your Rank One account.  Directions for Rank One are below.  PLEASE DO NOT EMAIL THE COMPLETED PHYSICAL TO ANYONE.  THIS IS A HIPPA VIOLATION AND EMAILS WILL BE DELETED PROMPTLY WITHOUT PRINTING THE DOCUMENT.

  2. RANK ONE ACCOUNT: Every student-athlete must have an online Rank One Account.  This account will need to be updated every year and should be set up using a valid PARENT email address.

    1. NEW RANK ONE USERS:  Go to and click on create new account.  Enter parent first name, last name, and email address.  You will then get an email asking you to set up your password.  Password must be at least 6 characters long. Once you have your password and sign in, you can then enter your student’s ID number.  You may link multiple students under your parent account.  You can find your student’s ID number in Skyward.  Your student ID number is a 6-digit number. Once you set up your account click the Start Forms link.  This will bring you to the home page.  Click on the View link to see the forms that need to be filled out.  Please follow the directions under each link.  You will need to fill out the health history and print that form.  You will also need to print out the physical form.  Both forms will need to go to your physical appointment.  New this year you will need to upload your physical form to your Rank One account.

    2. RETURNING RANK ONE USERS:   Please log into your account to fill out the PIAA forms and any other necessary forms for your student athlete.  If you forget your password, please click on the click here link next to forgot password.  If you’re not sure you have an account, you can search for your account by clicking on forgot your account button.  PLEASE NOTE THIS IS THE FIRST YEAR FOR RANK ONE 2023-2024.  YOU WILL NOT HAVE AN ACCOUNT.

    3. PARENT SECTION 8 RECERTIFICATION FORMS:  Winter and spring sports will need to have the parent section 8 recertification form filled out if your physical is dated earlier than 6 weeks prior to your season starting.  This form is located in your Rank One account.  Please make sure to fill out the yes or no questions at the bottom of the page.

All requirements listed above are due no later than one week prior to your sports season.  Anything turned in later can compromise your child’s eligibility, due to the time required to process all paperwork.  If you have any questions, please contact your Athletic Trainers:

The IMPACT Test will no longer be required as of June 1st, 2023. 

2023-24 Girls Schedule

2023-24 Boys Schedule

2023-24 Jr High Boys Schedule

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